Make Sure Your Business Is Safe

Get commercial disinfection services in Charlotte, NC

Keeping your business operating during a global pandemic involves many challenges. But providing a safe space for your employees and customers doesn't have to be one of them. ElectroMist provides commercial disinfection services in the Charlotte, NC area and can remove harmful bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 from your space.

Our commercial electrostatic disinfectant treatment can be used for any business, including medical offices, banks, schools and retail stores. Our solutions are deadly for viruses, germs and bacteria but safe for people, so you can disinfect your building without disrupting your business.

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Get disinfecting services that work for you

Get disinfecting services that work for you

We’re dedicated to helping people stay safe and healthy. You can work with us to create a disinfecting plan that suits your needs. Consider…

  • Recurring disinfecting services to keep your place of business safe every day
  • Disinfecting services after meetings, parties or events that involve large gatherings
  • One-time disinfecting to make sure your business is safe to open again

No job is too big or small for our commercial electrostatic disinfectant treatment. Find out more when you call us at 980-245-0623.